FOD Installation Guide

  •  Place the base piece of the FOD product 2mm above the bottom of the door.
  •  Check that your piece is level before making the drill markings.
  •  Make markings on the three drill hole areas. Be sure to keep the unit level.
  •  Use a 6mm drill bit to drill the 3 holes on which the part will be secured to the door.
  •  Place the 3 bolts through the base plate and drilled holes.
  • Attach the back plate, ensure the device is level and tighten the bolts.
  • Finger tighten the bolts, then use the supplied allen key as well as a hex tool to secure the bolts.
  • Apply the instructional decal to the door, to inform users that the door had a Foot Operated Device.
  • Enjoy using your new Foot Operated Device.